Meet the Management Team

James Davis - Managing Director(Operations)


James started as a doorstep fundraiser in 2001 and has vast experience of face to face fundraising. He set up the successful Residential Fundraising operation in 2004, which within 6 months became the largest and most productive fundraising operation in London, with some of the lowest cancellation rates seen in the industry. At its peak James' Directorship has been responsible for delivering 3,800 high-quality monthly charity donors for his clients.  James is renowned for his drive and focus on delivering quality donors at all times and brings this conscientious marketing angle to REAL Ethical Marketing. Using his background in Charity Fundraising James has been responsible for development of our no pressure, highly principled sales & marketing training which is key in the delivery of high-quality acquisitions for all campaigns run by REAL Ethical marketing

Liam McEntegart - Managing Director (Client Services)

A Geology graduate, Liam moved from Australia to the UK in his early twenties looking to pursue an ethical career. He enjoyed a successful career as a Fundraiser and Team Manager and soon forged a reputation for managing high quality, productive fundraising teams. This reputation was enhanced further as Liam became a departmental manager and then Operational Manager. Having developed a reputation for client satisfaction following on from Operational Management it was a sensible step for Liam to become Client Services Managing Director. Liam manages to successfully balance Client requests with internal Operational Messaging ensuring that clients get more of the high-quality acquisitions that they require. Personally, Liam is an amateur Triathlete and through his endurance feats has raised over £8000 for his own chosen charity causes. 

Lewis Honney - HR Director 

Lewis began his career as a doorstep fundraiser. In his long career in the charity industry, Lewis has managed successful Doorstep fundraising operations for various fundraising agencies and in 2009 spearheaded a new national doorstep operation for DialogueDirect UK. Lewis has also been instrumental in implementing the sites profiling strategy at REAL which is now delivering the best customer retention our charity clients have ever seen. In 2010 Lewis moved into his current role as HR Director and is responsible for maintaining our best employment practice, company payroll and account objectives. Lewis ensures that the highest standards are maintained with our employee-oriented, high performance culture which emphasises empowerment, quality, productivity and REAL standards.